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» Brutkampstein in Albersdorf
» Hünenstein - Benzingerode
» Gollenstein - Blieskastel
» Grooves on cupstone of a chamber near Bunsoh/Albersdorf
» Großsteingrab auf dem Bierberg - Gerbitz
» Königsgrab in Groß-Berßen
» Prähistorische Marken in Groß Gischau
» Dolmen near Visbeker Bräutigam
» Visbeker Bräutigam
» Kleinenkneter Big Stones II
» Menhir upon grave mound - Halle-Kröllwitz
» menhir group - Morbach/Wederath
» Hinkelstein of Selzen
» Grand complex dolmen in Kunkenvenne Thuine
» Hinkelstein - Walhausen
» Hohe Steine Wildeshausen
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Please enter the world of megalithic tombs and the menhirs.
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Hinkelstein collector
Mega specia lithics - here you find two kind of series: additional material, that is closely related to megalithic affairs, and some special tours created to show them objects according to common properties, i.e. engrooved cups.
Who is interested in the high-resolution files, please contact me using my main page. Impressum