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24366 Megalith grave and mausoleum Loose/Hohenstein
26904 Dolmen arrangement before the church in Börger
39365 Penitence cross Marienborn
39576 Engraved stone in the church wall Stendahl
49757 Dolmen and crucifixes in Vrees
57548 Druids Stone at Herkersdorf
88633 Monolith in the Chapel of Betenbrunn
88682 Erratic Rock in Leutkirch Cemetery
88690 Erratic Stone at Cemetery
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Please enter the world of megalithic tombs and the menhirs.
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Hinkelstein collector
Mega specia lithics - here you find two kind of series: additional material, that is closely related to megalithic affairs, and some special tours created to show them objects according to common properties, i.e. engrooved cups.
Who is interested in the high-resolution files, please contact me using my main page. Impressum