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Großer Steintanz - Boitin
Großer Steintanz - Boitin

This megalithic stone circle was built by the early Germanen. There are three circles, therefrom two consisting of nine, and one consisting of seven stones. The Kindersteintanz, 150 m besides, also consists of nine stones, like the Rote Maas at Damp. Although burials could be testified, the main purpose may have been astronomy. One of the stones is split, and called Peilstein, to find the bearing of a direction. The largest menhir has a vertical row of holes. I have seen such also on the Rockenhausen menhir. The circle centers are arranged to the corners of a rectangular triangle.
These stones are also subject to a story where wedding guests turned into stone after playing with food.

Some of these stones have special cultural history. Often, there are significant erratic stones, or cromlechs on exceptional places, that are shown here. Many are accompanied with saga and tales. As there are no written documents from the originating times, acquiring knowledge depends on local findings. Chemical analyses of the soil can shed light on cultural usage. Sometimes there are findings of prehistoric tools, i.e. flintstone knives.

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Town:18249 Boitin
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