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Altarsteine - Dransfeld
Altarsteine - Dransfeld

Together with Peter Ernst, I visited the Altarsteine at Dransfeld. The stones are smooth at the surface. It seems that two of them resemble the fragments of one larger stone that broke in a step wise manner. The breaking edges are eroded now. Also, there is a large artificial hole within one of the blocks.

Some of these stones have special cultural history. Often, there are significant erratic stones, or cromlechs on exceptional places, that are shown here. Many are accompanied with saga and tales. As there are no written documents from the originating times, acquiring knowledge depends on local findings. Chemical analyses of the soil can shed light on cultural usage. Sometimes there are findings of prehistoric tools, i.e. flintstone knives.

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Town:37127 Dransfeld
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Picture date:24.09.2007 16:34:00

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