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Kaltensteine - Lebach
Kaltensteine - Lebach

Surrounded by myths and tales are the Kaltensteine at Lebach. I won't translate the name as 'Kalten' may derive from 'cold' or 'celten'. From prehistoric ages these stones had cultural meaning. Nowadays, they are christianized by a dominating cross on top of the two largest stones, and by two niches with candle light.
The stones appear as been made from hardened clods of play dough laid down purposedly. From top, they are smooth, and the surface looks like sand stone. They are covered with moss.
Inspired by the symmetry, one tale is that the stones exchange places, or they rotate when the church bell rings. This tale might then point to the idea to celebrate midsummer night.

Some of these stones have special cultural history. Often, there are significant erratic stones, or cromlechs on exceptional places, that are shown here. Many are accompanied with saga and tales. As there are no written documents from the originating times, acquiring knowledge depends on local findings. Chemical analyses of the soil can shed light on cultural usage. Sometimes there are findings of prehistoric tools, i.e. flintstone knives.

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Town:66822 Lebach
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