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Langenstein - Katzenbach
Langenstein - Katzenbach

One of the large menhirs from the Pfalz is that Langenstein at the Stahlberg near Rockenhausen. It has a hight of about 3,5 meters. It stands on the eastern slope of the hill. The western side is quite plain and shows clear marks of some chiselers tools. Remarkable are holes like those found on the largest of the stones of the Steintanz of Boitin. There are also some modern marks; there have been miners around for quite a while.
Best approach is via Katzenbach, then walk the way with the white crosses (approx. 3 miles way up the hill).

Those grand menhirs (standing stones) are the famous ones in Germany. Especially the Gollenstein, which is the largest one of these. Noone is sure what they were meant for. Some must have had cult importance. Prehistoric chiselers work indicates a matriarchal meaning on the Fraubillenkreuz.
The christianization left its marks, see also on the Fraubillenkreuz, or the Saulheim menhir.

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