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6120 Stone virgin - Dölau
18195 Liepener Zwillinge - Liepen
29413 Lehneken stone near Bonese
34225 Hünstein - Baunatal
34281 Wotans stone - Maden
35428 Gods stone - Oberkleen
35516 Kräppelstone - Trais-Münzenberg
38154 menhir - Groß Steinum
38855 Menhir - Benzingerode
54317 menhir - Farschweiler
54346 menhir - Neumehring
54426 menhir at the transformer station - Schönberg
54426 menhir northern - Schönberg
54595 Schlosshecker Menhir - Prüm
54597 menhir - Flehringen
54668 Fraubillenkreuz - Ferschweiler
54669 druid's stone - Bollendorf
55278 Hinkelstein of Selzen
55288 Menhir of Armsheim
55291 menhir - Saulheim
56843 Campstein II - Starkenburg
61239 Menhir - Ober-Mörlen
63667 Child Stone - Unter-Widdersheim
66386 Spellenstein - Rentrisch
66440 Gollenstein - Blieskastel
66894 Menhir tip in Martinshöhe
67697 Hinkelstein - Otterberg
67808 Langenstein - Katzenbach
72072 Bronze Age Menhir of Weilheim
79761 Chindlistein - Waldshut-Tiengen
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Hinkelstein collector
Hinkelsteine - Menhirs were set up before the celtic before 2000 B.C. or possibly even earlier by the funnel beakers and were used as markers, as calendar and/or for prayer. During the christianization of the celtic beliefs some of these stones were reshaped or made niches into for cruzifixes or madonna figures, the same way that churches were built at such cult places.
This page contains a collection of more than 1800 pictures of menhirs, cult places and nature wonders in Germany. Only one object is from France.
Nearly all pictures were taken during six bike tours, where the first two were undertaken with a small Suzuki GN125. This performed well, but the Yamaha XJ900 did even better (in fact, it still is still performing). Some Stones I could revisit. You can see the difference of the (older) Kodak photo CD and the bright colors of my Pentax Optio 430RS. Later experience using the Panasonic video camera was frustrating. Now much better images come from my new Sony NEX6, luckily.
Who is interested in the high-resolution files, please contact me using my main page. Impressum