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4668 Stone of Sense of Grimma
6188 Piltitz devils stone - Götz
6408 6 Steine - Ilberstedt
17121 Rillenstein - Mühlenkamp
17121 Schälchenstein - Sophienhof
17192 Schälchenstein - Carlsruh
17209 Cup stone Zislow
17213 Cup stone Satow
18249 Großer Steintanz - Boitin
18249 Kindersteintanz - Boitin
18276 Cup stone Lohmen
18292 Cromlech Bellin
18551 Sacrifice stone Quoltitz near Nardewitz
19372 Seven legend stone Spornitz
19406 Cromlech Lenzen
21388 Century Stone near Raven
23936 Cup stone in Hamberge
24351 Cromlech - Damp
25767 prehistoric stone - Bunsoh
26446 Der Hunt near Marx
26904 Sacrificial stone in Börger
27243 Beckstedt sun stone
27243 Harpstedt sun stone
27432 Cup stone from Hesedorf of Bremervörde
27446 Cup stone of Selsingen
27729 Cup stone of Steden
27801 Witch Stone of Neerstedt
29416 Cup and groove carrying stone in Kerkau
29490 Cup Stone of Drethem
29575 Rilled Stone at Haaßel Tombs
29593 Sacrifice stone - Melzingen
34628 Wippchensteine of Merzhausen
35428 Sacrifice stone - Dornholzhausen
36148 Babtismal font at Kalbach
36275 sacrifice stone - Eisenberg/Kirchheim
37127 Altarsteine - Dransfeld
38489 Prähistorische Marken in Groß Gischau
39343 Cup stone Hundisburg
48301 Wodans Stone near Darup
49143 sacrifice stone - Deitinghausen
49191 Devils stone - Haltern
49626 Deuvels Brotschapp near Bippen/Dalum
49626 Pfaohlen stone between Bippen and Dalum
49626 Deuvelsstein - Restrup
54317 Bescheid stone - Farschweiler
54497 Menhir - Morbach/Wederath
54497 menhir group - Morbach/Wederath
59597 Nose stone - Schmerlecke
64360 cromlech - Roßdorf
66386 Pentagonal stone of Rentrisch
66822 Kaltensteine - Lebach
67098 Devils stone near Bad Dürkheim
76332 Mauzenstein near Bad Herrenalb
76596 Giersteine at Forbach
76833 Sacrificial stone Frankweiler
76833 Sacrifical stone of Frankweiler
91346 Druid's grove - Wohlmannsgesees
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Hinkelstein collector
Hinkelsteine - Menhirs were set up before the celtic before 2000 B.C. or possibly even earlier by the funnel beakers and were used as markers, as calendar and/or for prayer. During the christianization of the celtic beliefs some of these stones were reshaped or made niches into for cruzifixes or madonna figures, the same way that churches were built at such cult places.
This page contains a collection of more than 1800 pictures of menhirs, cult places and nature wonders in Germany. Only one object is from France.
Nearly all pictures were taken during six bike tours, where the first two were undertaken with a small Suzuki GN125. This performed well, but the Yamaha XJ900 did even better (in fact, it still is still performing). Some Stones I could revisit. You can see the difference of the (older) Kodak photo CD and the bright colors of my Pentax Optio 430RS. Later experience using the Panasonic video camera was frustrating. Now much better images come from my new Sony NEX6, luckily.
Who is interested in the high-resolution files, please contact me using my main page. Impressum