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Passage grave of Rimbeck
Passage grave of Rimbeck

This grave was digged and researched in 1906. All capstones are missing. A soul hole made an entry from the north. The stones were transported from over 2 miles away. Therefore, levers, rollers, and sliding carriers pulled by bullocks were used.
Over 150 sceletons of men, women and children were found. Also, there were Arrow tips from flint stone, animal bones, awls from bones and animal teeth, spruce and amulets from animal teeth, as well as a cup with handle and other ceramics.
The idea for the "soul hole" entry came from western Europe. The additions are signs of a strong belief into a life after death.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. There are really huge stones, and may even have a hole in one of it's bounding stones. They were surrounded by smaller megaliths in circles or ovals. Unfortunately most of the smaller stones are missing.

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Town:34414 Rimbeck
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