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» At the high stone - Garen
» "Auf dem Sonderling" near Lastrup
» The high stone - Garen
» Dolmen within mould of Wanna
» Hünengrab of Dalum/Bippen
» Giants stones Lindern
» Giant's stones near Steinkimmen
» Glaner Braut 3 near Dötlingen
» Grand dolmen Clemens-August-Dorf 1
» Grand dolmen "Im Ipeken" bei Groß-Berßen
» Passage grave 4 on the Buschhöhe near Werpeloh
» Passage grave of Apeldorn/Meppen
» Poldenhünensteine at Harrenstätte/Spahnharrenstätte
» Grand dolmen Northern Hüven
» Passage grave in Bruneforth/Groß-Stavern
» Passage grave in Lähden/Haselünne
» Passage grave in the Alt-Frerener forest
» Grand Passage grave "Düvelskuhlen" Northern Groß-Stavern
» Grand dolmen on the Radberg near Langen
» Passage grave Ostenwalde I
» Passage grave Rickelmann II near Grumfeld/Ankum
» Prehistoric grave "Ipeken Tannenwald" Groß-Berßen
» Megalithic tomb Hohe Düne near Groß Stavern
» Hohe Steine Wildeshausen
» Im großen Sande - Herßum
» Königsgrab in Groß-Berßen
» Megalithic tomb Ladenesch
» Megalithic tomb of Gnarrenburg
» Megalithic tomb of Gnarrenburg
» Megalithic tomb Westerloh 2
» Megalithic tomb Klein Bokern
» Megalithic tomb in Löningen
» Megalithic tomb of Osterholz-Scharmbeck
» Megalithic tomb Werve
» Megalithic tomb Reckum 2
» Megalithic tomb 2 Werpeloh Nordwest
» Megalithic tomb Lahn 3
» Megalithic tomb 3 Werpeloh Ost
» Megalithic tomb Lahn 5
» Megalithic tomb Herthum Westerloh 1
» Megalithic tomb Stappenberg near Steinfeld
» Megalithic tomb Wellohsberg near Kleinenkneten
» Megalithic tomb Mundersumer Sand near Lingen (Ems)
» Passage grave 1 of Steden
» Passage grave 3 of Hammah
» Dolmen at the giant's grave avenue Groß-Berßen
» Plingenberg Stones near Vrees
» Schlingsteine near Lindern
» Steenhus in Börger
» Sun hill in Börger
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Please enter the world of menhirs and of mega-specia-lithics.
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Bike and tent close together
Most of these 6000 pictures have been taken during my bike tours in 2003 to 2014. In 2003, I had 18 days, 2004 less. 2005 I had already 3 Tours.
My Yamaha XJ-900 never had problems along the 3000 km each tour, and managed all roads and crossroads very well. The tent, sleeping bag and a bottom isolation were fixed on the sozius seat, and the cases had plenty of space for the library, camera, the toolbox and communications equipment, food and clothing.
In 2006, I sold this true bike - as I replaced it with the same bike, 100000km less mileage.
Typically, after drying the tent, I was first checking two or three locations. Then it is time to check the next camping possibility or else check for the night. Some electrical supplies must be done. The evening was the time to write all down and to try to plan the next day. This took quite some hours, and should be completed before dawn.
My camera is an Pentax Optio 430 RS and it takes good pictures. Next time when I go camping, I should take two spare accu packs for it. The 768MB Flash was not sufficient on the 18 day tour.
2008 I had a new Camcorder, and holding it on a stativ, the lens was high up to 3.5m. Unfortunately, that Panasonic NV-GD500 delivers poor quality. It cannot cope with contrasts. The autofocus does not adjust perfectly, most pictures are not sharp. Much better performs my new NEX6 Sony in 2014, good pictures (if done correctly) and remote controllable by WLAN with my smartphone.
Who is interested in the high-resolution files, please contact me using my main page. Impressum